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I’m a Bay Area artist and poet inspiring a generation towards a more meaningful, equitable and sustainable existence in the midst of our many planetary crises.

I’m doing this through a few mediums: I have a solo exhibition of paintings and sculptures at Phoenix Alameda through June 2019; I recently published my first book of poetry, “The Mountain Beneath The Soul” (you can find excerpts and more by clicking here); and I teach an art portfolio course to aspiring artists at Convent and Stuart Hall in SF.

In 2019, I’ve also had the privilege of serving as the Visiting Artist for Convent and Stuart Hall, along with being keynote speaker and judge of the 2019 Poetry Festival.

For speaking engagements, collaborations, studio visits or to purchase my work, please reach out to me via email. If you’d like to commission me for a special project, or if you want me to create a painting similar to one already sold, I’m happy to do so.

Email: mrdavidnyquist (at)

Instagram: mrdavidnyquist