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I’m a Bay Area artist and poet using the Arts to create a more meaningful and sustainable existence in the midst of our many planetary crises.

Recent exhibitions of my work include Phoenix Alameda, Orinda Art Gallery, Syfuy Gallery and an upcoming show at Mirada Art Gallery. I recently published my first book of poetry, “The Mountain Beneath The Soul”. You can find excerpts and more by clicking here). I also teach a high school art portfolio course to aspiring artists at Convent and Stuart Hall in SF, where I also serve as the visiting artist and judge of the 2019 Poetry Festival.

Interested in buying art? Check out the Summer Sale of my recent work. If you’d prefer to commission me for a special project or want me to create a painting similar to one already sold, send me an email.

Email: mrdavidnyquist (at)

Instagram: mrdavidnyquist